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Press Release

August 10, 2010


Big Red™ Safe Locks Introduces new product line featuring their DeadLoc Technology®               


Big Red™ Safe Locks, a division of Michael J. Walsh & Associates, Inc. introduced their new safe lock and dial / ring accessory product line featuring their revolutionary patent pending safe lock locking system called DeadLoc Technology® at the 54th Annual ALOA Convention & Security Expo in Orlando, Florida.







During the Security Expo “Safe Technicians” were given the opportunity for “hands-on” testing of the Big Red™ mechanical safe locks and the Competitors’ mechanical safe locks using the Big Red™ “Destructive Wheel Torque Tester”.






With the development of the DeadLoc Technology® with it's Non-Angled tooth and a deep tooth engagement; Big Red™ Safe Locks have up to [5] TIMES the locking power over ANY other lock manufactures' mechanical safe lock which eliminates "Wheel Slippage" or "Combination Number Jumping".


Click here for more information on our DeadLoc Technology®.




About Big Red™ Safe Locks

We are a privately owned company that aggressively thinks outside of the box and with more than 40 years in the safe industry having conducted years of intense development using 3D modeling software, multiple working test models and custom endurance dialing machines, along with custom designed stress fixtures to develop a very reliable mechanical combination lock product line. 

We believe the final results are a superior product that will outperform any other mechanical combination lock in the most demanding application, and provide a higher level of security at a competitive price.

For more detailed information on these products, please review our on-line catalog.