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What Is DeadLoc Technology®?

Since the invention of the resettable mechanical safe combination lock, the set combination was dependent on a "Friction Locking Design".  The design included the locking teeth on the individual wheels and their locking lever(s) designed with angled and/or rounded tooth sides and limited tooth depth which greatly limits the ability of the locking lever arms to lock in place the set combination number(s).

Because of this "Friction Locking Design" and the inherent tooth design defect; our Competitors mechanical locks can experience "Wheel Slippage" or "Combination Number Jumping" resulting in costly safe lockouts and repairs to open the safe(s) and replace the defective locks.




Our patented DeadLoc Technology® is an aggressive combination wheel locking system that was the end result of years of intense development.

With the development of the BIG RED® patented DeadLoc Technology® and it's Non-Angled tooth and a deep tooth engagement; BIG RED® Safe Locks have up to [5] TIMES the locking power over ANY other lock manufactures' mechanical safe lock which eliminates "Wheel Slippage" or "Combination Number Jumping".


Torque Tester



Big Red®
CDL-3, CDL-3M & CDL-4, CDL-4M Series


DeadLoc Technology®

Sargent & Greenleaf®
6600 / 6700 Series


Friction Locking Design

1947 / 1985 / 3390 Series
K-2M Series

 Friction Locking Design

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