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Press Release

March 24, 2011


BOXMAN No. 100 – Big Red Group 2: A First Look 

We are proud to announce that Big Red™ Safe Locks received a great review in the "BOXMAN No. 100 issue", a newsletter for the Safe and Vault Industry published by Safecracker BOXMAN Publications.

In the article, Ken Dunckel reviewed the Big Red™ 2030 Group 2 Mechanical Lock in detail for the Safe Tech Industry and will reviewing the 2030M Manipulation Mechanical Locks in his coming issues.

Please visit our website www.bigredsafelocks.com to personally review the complete article.

We would like to invite all Attendees of the 25th Annual SAFETECH 2011 Convention being held in Lexington, Kentucky. to come by our Booth Number 315 to visit with Martin Stinson to review our Big Red™ Safe Lock products and see the Big Red™ Wheel Torque Tester in action. Martin will be handing out our special "Spindle Cleaning Tool" while supplies last.

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About Big Red™ Safe Locks

We are a privately owned company that aggressively thinks outside of the box and with more than 40 years in the safe industry having conducted years of intense development using 3D modeling software, multiple working test models and custom endurance dialing machines, along with custom designed stress fixtures to develop a very reliable mechanical combination lock product line. 

We believe the final results are a superior product that will outperform any other mechanical combination lock in the most demanding application, and provide a higher level of security at a competitive price.

For more detailed information on these products, please review our on-line catalog.